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FPT Iveco Industrial Engines

 FPT Iveco is one of the world's leading producers of diesel engines (500,000 in 2006). 40% of these are built into Iveco trucks while the remaining are supplied to OEM's around the world.

The engines are produced in nine plants (six in Europe, 1 Brazil, 1 Argentina and 1 China), and the company has four R&D centres (2 Italy, 1 Switzerland and 1 Spain).

FPT Iveco Engines are manufactured for automotive, industrial, agricultural, marine, railway, power generation and stationary applications, with power outputs from 40 to 1600 kW.

The FPT Iveco organization operates five direct branches (in France, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the U.S.A.), with over 287 main distributors and approximately 1,144 service centres.

Today FPT Iveco has completely renewed the entire engine range to include the light highspeed Sofim HPI, the medium size engine NEF, with the powerful Cursor and larger Vector Vee engine completing four basic families and 12 models, with naturally aspirated, turbocharged and turbo-aftercooler versions.

 Nef Engines - NEF is the highest expression of engine versatility and efficiency made available by IVECO to the customers. They are highly innovative engines, designed to comply today with future exhaust gas and noise emission regulations. NEF is a range of 3,4,6 cylinder Diesel engines that can be customized in a wide variety of ways, with traditional injection systems complemented by a common rail fuel supply system with total electronic control.

Land-Sea Power currently carryies the following line of FPT Iveco Industrial engines:

Nef Engines

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