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Carmanah - Solar Powered LED Lanterns
M650H Marine Lantern
Product Description

Whether for permanent, temporary or emergency lighting, the new M650 offers sophistication, intelligence and performance that is unrivalled by any other light on the market...

 M650H Technical Specification

Solar Panel High-efficiency cells with bypass and blocking diode function. Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) for optimal energy collection.
Battery Tool-less replaceable and recyclable best-in-class battery pack with extreme temperature range. Battery status feedback of Good, Charge, Low or Bad (Replace) and actual battery voltage.
Light Source High-power LED. Colour-specific temperature-corrected LED drivers provide consistent intensity under all operating conditions.
Maximum Peak Intensity
(as per IALA rating)
60 cd (White LEDs)
Flash Patterns 256+ (including steady-on) Custom available
Construction Premium grade UV resistant, polycarbonate/polysiloxane co-polymer body and lens material. Double O-ring sealing with waterproof vent.
Colours Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue. As per IALA Optimum Recommendation E-200-1, dated December 2008.
-45 to 124 F (-43 to 51 C) ambient temperature. The M650H will function up to 190 F (88 C) internal and surface temperatures.
Storage Temperature -45 to 176 F (-43 to 80 C) Not including batteries.
Colour Indicator Yes. Red, Green, White, Yellow and Blue.
Weight 3.5 lb (1.58 kg)
Wind Loading 140 knots (72 m/s)
Automatic Light Control
When enabled, ALC will dynamically reduce brightness in response to unusually low amounts of sunlight to ensure continued operation.

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