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Welcome, to the newest part of the Land Sea Power website! The Questions Answered is your opportunity to get advice on industry related questions from our experts.

Please review the list of questions, before making your submissions, as someone else may have already asked a similar question. The question and its response will be displayed in this forum, and you will be notified when your question has been answered.

We encourage you to submit as often as you like, and come back often to see what others have been asking.

  • What is Yanmar's relationship to John Deere? Do they own Yanmar.
    Answered by Sales Dept.

  • Where are your engines manufactured?
    Answered by Service Dept.

  • Do you produce engines for on-highway applications?
    Answered by Service Dept.

  • How large a company is Yanmar?
    Answered by Land Sea Power

  • Why is a diesel engine better than a gasoline?
    Answered by Service Dept.
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